SAngel, also know as Sara, is a member of GP that joined ETF as the self-proclaimed Diplomat in the "peace pact" between GP and ETF.


Sara is a rather intelligent girl that tends to use her intellect to outwit and manipulate other members she gets into an argument with. Incredibly hostile at times, Sara tends to actually believe she is an Admin/Mod of GP and thus tries to speak to other mebers as if she is one...except she isn't. She is a standard member.

It gets even worse on Fayz Nation as Sara has time and time again tried to behave as an Admin/Mod...even going as far as to tell Site Creator/Owner what he should do as far as disciplining his members on HIS site.


Most of the drama(60%) of Fayz Nation revolves around GP drama and usually Sara is somewhere involved.

Sara has chastised 50/50 members of GP & Fayz Nation for being members of Fayz Nation because she didn't like the idea of them being on a site ran by a Troll.

Sara has also been known to Flame a bit, especially when it is obvious that she is insulting and harrassing other members and usually does not stop unless forcefully made to do so.

The biggest controversey which led to her banishment was the fact that Sara told a major lie about a member who behaved badly on Fayz Nation. She threatened him with repercussions on GP, even though GP and Fayz Nation are ran seperately. Come to find out, Sara was lying....

She has been banished under SAngel account, however, it is known that she has another account by the name of Kathy C.

She is also known as a troll.