Megan (Formerly known as ThirdSnowLeopard), has been a member since the 3rd of December 2011. She has never been a member of any other Gone fansite, so Fayz Nation was her first. She's 16 years old, English and a coffee addict. She is an admin and the second top poster in the forum (Behind Micah), due to her love of both the Diablo Games and RP'ing.

She's slightly strange and annoying, but will always be happy to help any newbs on the site or anyone with difficulties. :)

She is also team Sanjit, ships Drake/Sam and worships the Gaiaphage. (The sexy thing in the cave(<3), not the website.)

She often spends a lot of toime on both the forums and the chat. She has a tendancy to forget things, so must often be reminded. She also often lurks on, where she also RPs. Because she does spend about 3/4 of every day RPing.